Floriade in Commonwealth Park has now come to an end for 2021.

We hope you had a chance to see the flowers, but if not we have some videos coming soon! However, we’re pleased to share that Floriade: Reimagined will be staying in place for a little longer!

The Floriade: Reimagined planter boxes, pots and wheelbarrows will remain in place until 24 October 2021 and will begin to be removed from this weekend when they’ll be returned to the nursery and prepared for next year’s plantings.

If you have enjoyed seeing the Floriade Community garden beds around town, you may be able to catch them for a few more weeks. Whilst the community plantings were officially in place until 17 October, each community group looks after their own little plot of land and will determine how long their flowers will stay in place. We suspect that all the community groups are loving their flowers as much as you are and will want to keep them around for as long as they are still in bloom!

The locations of the planter boxes and pots and the Floriade Community and Floriade: Reimagined plantings can be found here.

If you are out and about for exercise or essential activities elsewhere in Canberra and come across Floriade Community sites or Floriade: Reimagined planter boxes and pots, please remember to abide by public health guidelines and share any of your great pics with us at #Floriade.

For more information, review our Frequently Asked Questions.

Floriade Community

Floriade Community returned this year with 300,000 bulbs and annuals planted and cared for by 100 schools, community groups and organisations in their local area, for the community to enjoy. Take a look at our interactive map of Canberra to find out where all the Floriade Community plantings were located.

Floriade Video Tours

This year, you can experience Floriade from home as we bring the beauty of mother nature to you through a video tour of Commonwealth Park. Watch the teaser video now. A full park tour will be available shortly. 

You can also view beautiful images of Commonwealth Park in our image gallery or enjoy images taken by our Floriade fans in the gallery at the bottom of this page.

Floriade On-Demand

In addition to enjoying Floriade around Canberra, experience Floriade On-Demand with podcasts, videos and other online resources.

Explore the on-demand library and benefit from the vast range of gardening and horticultural knowledge and kids’ activities. This year we are excited to present Floriade: The Future of Flowers podcast series.

Garden Bed Designs

Each year the Floriade garden beds are designed to reflect a new theme. To get a real appreciation of what was on display in Commonwealth Park this year, explore the details of each of the beds to learn about the diverse range of blooms that were planted to create the intricate designs.

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Enjoy these images taken by our Floriade fans and check out our image gallery for more beautiful pictures of Commonwealth Park.