When We Become Strangers

Join Dan Bourchier and Maggie Hamilton as they discuss the rise of loneliness in our community and what we can do to combat this and reconnect.

About Maggie Hamilton

Maggie Hamilton has written over a dozen books, which have been published in Australia, New Zealand, Holland, Italy, the UK and US, the Arab States, South Korea, China, Lithuania and Brazil. Her social research books include: What Men Don’t Talk About, What’s Happening to Our Girls? and What Happening to Our Boys? Maggie also writes for magazines; gives talks, workshops and lectures; and is a seasoned media performer with a keen interest in social trends.

Read more about Maggie and her work here.

Dan Bourchier is a multi-award-winning multi-platform broadcaster with the ABC, accomplished company director on commercial, and in-demand public speaker and event MC and facilitator.

Dan anchors ABC Canberra’s flagship 7pm news, and as well as being a member of the University of Canberra Council, Dan has extensive experience in governance, leadership, strategy and strategic communications, and Indigenous affairs.

Dan grew up in the remote Northern Territory town of Tennant Creek, where he was mentored by elders from around the region while coming to understand his own Indigenous heritage from his mum’s side of the family in coastal and inland parts of Victoria.

He was driven to news and reporting from an early age, and began a traineeship at the Tennant and District Times as a teenager still at school. Dan has worked as a radio broadcaster, newspaper reporter, video journalist, foreign correspondent, political reporter, and social commentator.

As a broadcaster, Dan is driven by giving voice to the voiceless, holding to account those in positions of power, and telling really great stories – while his work as a company director is underpinned by cultural and ethical governance.

When We Become Strangers

We’re more connected, yet lonelier than ever.

When We become Strangers provides practical solutions to combat the alarming rise of loneliness and social isolation in our families and communities.

A timely warning shot over our collective bows…reminds us that awareness without action is worthless. A thought-provoking and challenging look into our future.’
– Michael Carr-Gregg, psychologist & bestselling author

‘Restores hope and gives simple, practical steps we can all take to feel safe and connected; as we build a new way of living and turn around the estrangement we all feel.’
– Katrina Cavanough, CEO – The Kindness On Purpose Movement

After decades of affluence, we’re busier than ever but leaving the house less and less. While we renovate our homes and bodies, and binge on Netflix, Uber Eats, and online shopping, depression and anxiety are soaring. Is it possible that our society’s constant need for connectivity is messing with our brains, and alienating us from what’s really important? Is this why we’re losing our ability to engage meaningfully with our communities or stay in touch with the natural world? And given that so many of our kids lack one-on-one attention and regular touch, are we raising this new generation to be profoundly lonely?

Right now, many of our relationships at home, at work, and with our friends, are struggling. What are the best ways back to belonging, and what might a more engaged sense of community look like?