Express Body Burner

Designed for people who are already familiar with Pilates or at minimum have a moderate fitness and strength base. Suitable for those that are injury-free or confident to self-modify movement to accommodate. Not just gentle stretching, this session is set at a deliberate pace to strengthen, challenge and get the heart rate up a little. Whilst designed to give you a fast, full-body workout there’s an extra focus on bums and tums because a little spice is nice.

In 2011 Jordana accidentally stumbled across a reformer Pilates class. Discovering that class kicked off a journey to finding a new movement mindset and becoming more than a little obsessed with pain science.

While exercise is often associated with aesthetic goals, its impact on mental health and performance cannot be understated. Beyond that, prescribed well, it is the most effective tool we have for treating persistent pain.

Today, Jordana has completed a Certificate 4 in Pilates Mat work and reformer, a Diploma of Clinical Pilates and is a qualified personal trainer.

Describing herself as coming from the “human movement optimist” school, Jordana wants people to feel empowered in their bodies, move without fear, in every direction and often. Pilates is a great way to do this.

Jordana teaches group mat and reformer and is available for 1:1 Pilates sessions across the full suite of Pilates apparatus for fitness, fun or injury rehabilitation.

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