The Great Big Bulb Dig

16 October

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Join us this year for The Great Big Bulb Dig!

Floriade lovers will be able to take home a little piece of the magic this year when they take part in The Great Big Bulb Dig on Monday 16 October from 10.00am-6 pm, the day after Floriade closes its gates for 2023.

How do I take part in The Great Big Bulb Dig? 

Buy your Great Big Bulb Dig bag (or bags!) from the Floriade Shop or the CRVC shop on site at Floriade during the event, or at the gate on the day. Bags are $15 and all proceeds go to charity.

Your bag is your entry ticket to the Bulb Dig. You can only collect bulbs in 2023 Floral Wonderland Great Big Bulb Dig bags – no 2022 bulb dig bags or plastic bags can be used, so grab your bags today! There’s no limit on how many bags you can buy, so more bags = more bulbs!  

What should I wear? 

As you’ll be digging and using garden tools we encourage Great Big Bulb Dig participants to wear closed toe shoes for your own safety. 

What equipment can I bring with me to the Great Big Bulb Dig? 

Bulb dig participants can only collect as many bulbs as will fit in their Great Big Bulb Dig bag. If you’d like to collect more bulbs, you will be able to buy more bags on site. 

Please don’t bring any of the following as we won’t be allowing them on site: 

  • Trailers 
  • Wheelbarrows 
  • Garden carts 
  • Buckets 
  • Additional bags which are not Great Big Bulb Dig bags 

If you have purchased a large number of bags, or you have a mobility or other capacity issue, you may be able to bring something to carry your bulbs. This will be assessed by Floriade event management on a case-by-case basis. 

Participants will be allowed to bring tools to assist them to dig their bulbs, and we recommend bringing full size tools. This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Shovels 
  • Garden forks 
  • Secateurs 

What are the rules of participating in the Great Big Bulb Dig? 

Please behave in a considerate manner towards other Great Big Bulb Dig participants. Any poor, rude, pushy or inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave. 

For the comfort, safety and enjoyment of patrons, management reserves the right to refuse entry to, or evict any person that: 

  • does not comply with all directions of the staff in relation to safety and security 
  • poses any threat or potential threat to public safety, or damage to the event site 
  • does not conduct themselves in a polite and courteous manner towards staff, volunteers and other Bulb Dig participants and/or engages in any disruptive, drunken, disorderly or improper behaviour; and/or 
  • causes any nuisance to the Territory or any other person participating in the activity 

What if it is raining? 

The event will proceed in all weather unless it is deemed to be unsafe by Events ACT for participants to be in the venue and/or participating in the activity 

Should the event be cancelled there will be no refunds or compensation. The money collected from the sale of the bags will go the nominated charities. 

How do I dig the bulbs and care for them? 

Hints on Bulb Digging 

  1. Locate the bulb you’d like to dig up by leaves sticking up out of the ground.  
  1. Carefully dig around those leaves 15cm deep to dig up the bulb. Do your best to dig up the roots, bulb and leaves without breaking or damaging them. Damaging the leaves can prevent the bulb from flowering properly next year. 
  1. Keep what remaining flowers there are so you can tell what colour they are when you get home.  

What to do next with your bulbs 

If you live in Canberra or in a cool climate with frosts: 

  1. Once you get home, plant them straight into the ground, where you want the flowers to be next spring, at 8cm deep and water them in. This can be in the garden or in pots. Bulbs want to keep growing with their green leaves until late November. During that time, they are storing energy and growing next year’s flower inside.  
  1. Once they brown off naturally by December, trim off the dead leaves. 
  1. Now play the waiting game until spring next year and you will have beautiful flowers in your garden! 

If you live in a warmer climate with no frosts: 

  1. Once you get home, plant them again 8cm deep in the garden or in pots and water them in. The leaves will keep green until late November as the bulb keeps storing energy and growing next year’s flower.  
  1. Once the leaves have browned off, cut them off and dig up the bulbs.  
  1. Store them clean with no soil or potting mix on them in a dry cool location like you would your brown onions or garlic. 
  1. Next autumn put them in the fridge on the 1st of May for four weeks. This cold temperature will bring the bulb out of dormancy.  
  1. Plant your bulbs 8cm in the garden or in pots and water them in.  
  1. Once planted you can plant winter annuals over the top of them. Water them once or twice a week until spring.  

Which charities are being supported?

All funds raised from the sale of the Great Big Bulb Dig bags go to the two charities selected by our presenting partner, Synergy Group. This year Bulb Dig bag sales will support Roundabout Canberra and the Indigenous Marathon Foundation.

Roundabout Canberra provides safe, high quality essential baby and children’s items to families in need through their network of community and not-for-profit organisations.

The Indigenous Marathon Foundation is a health promotion charity that uses running to celebrate Indigenous resilience and achievement, and to create inspirational Indigenous leaders.

Event Info

When: Monday 16 October. 10.00am-6pm.
Where: Floriade, Commonwealth Park
Tickets: $15 includes Bulb Dig Bag. Purchase from the Floriade Shop or the CRVC shop on site at Floriade during the event. Your bag is your entry ticket to the Bulb Dig.

Commonwealth Park