Nature Journaling: Create a Visual Art Diary of Your Floriade Experience

Experience Floriade through Nature Journaling! Learn how to create a visual art diary with NatureArt Lab. Artist and founding Director Julia Landford will step you through tips and techniques for nature journaling. Create your very own visual art diary of Floriade with your family and friends!

See the tulips, daffodils, jonquils and pansies as they come alive with colours and patterns this spring. Learn how to observe and draw the beautiful unfolding flowers, leaves, patterns, colours and shapes.

Anyone can enjoy this activity with a simple field drawing kit including a visual art diary, pencils, markers or watercolour paints. Take a closer look at nature and its beauty with nature journaling and art inspired by nature!

NatureArt Lab

NatureArt Lab is Canberra’s only natural history art school established in 2017. They specialise in art and illustration inspired by nature. Their programs are led by professional tutors and include courses, workshops and field trips suitable for students with all levels of experience. They offer foundation courses on watercolour, gouache, drawing and pastels, as well as specialised art-science courses on botanical art, bird illustration, insect illustration, plus wildlife and nature drawing and observation.

Visit NatureArt Lab’s website for more information.