Super Rats take you on a hijacked taxi ride of classic tunes from the backstreets of Bucharest. At the heart of the band is the 145-stringed cimbalom, best imagined as the offspring of a honkytonk piano and a xylophone. Blistering accordion, plaintive violin, and thumping double bass complete this award-winning group.

From diverse and colourful strands – Ottoman court music, raw Balkan peasant folk, the legendary inventiveness of Roma (gypsy) musicians, a handful of tango and jazz – Super Rats weave a magic carpet to whisk you away to other times and places.

Band leader Tim Meyen studied with master traditional musicians in Romania for over a decade before assembling a hand-picked crew of rolled-gold Australian musicians to form Super Rats. Together they careen through rich tradition with panache and dedication, sure to please curious ears.

Check out Super Rats at Floriade!

Event Info


  • Monday 3 October, 11am – 1pm. Tulip Stage
  • Thursday 6 October, 1pm – 3pm. Stage 88
  • Friday 7 October, 1pm – 3pm. Stage 88

Where: Floriade, Tulip Stage, Commonwealth Park
Tickets: Free

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