Find Floyd’s Family and Win!

7 - 28 September

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Canberra, we need your help! Floriade is just around the corner and Floyd, our amazing Floriade mascot, has lost his family. Before he can resume his very important Floriade duties we must help him find all 35 of his family members which are spread across Canberra.

Clues are given out on our socials so please check our Floriade Australia Facebook and Instagram for updates!

Each time you find a member of Floyd’s Family, scan the QR code and enter the competition to win some amazing prizes. If you find all 35 family members you will go into the Grand Prize Draw – so it’s time to start searching!

We’ve put together a range of clues for you to help Floyd find his family across Canberra!

Clue #1

One gnome is at Canberra’s premier 5 star hotel and proud sponsor of Floriade, visit their gnome ‘around the Corner’

Clue #2

Five gnomes have been spotted around the city: one is thrift shopping for something Green, another is sitting amongst the flowers enjoying the views of the fountain. The third is suit shopping on Bunda street, and the fourth is checking out some Impactful manga. The last gnome is sitting pretty, getting their hair done on Ainslie place.

Clue #3

This gnome has been spotted in Fyshwick, enjoying some Good Natured Brews.

Clue #4

At Westfield Woden, these two gnomes are on display surrounded by models that are pretty in pink, located between some tea and pyjamas.

Clue #5

At the South.Point of Canberra three gnomes have made themselves at home. One has an eye on the customer service team, making sure they don’t roam. Mama gnome is picking out cotton outfits for her KIDS. The third is sitting Chic, next to some mannequins in wigs.

Clue #6

In Weston Creek, these two gnomes have found a home in a local shopping centre. One gnome is going Wild over the pastries and pies. The other making simple changes to B Eco.

Clue #7

You can find two gnomes in the city centre shopping, one high one low. If you’re not careful you’ll miss them, they’ve been put on show. One is reaching for an Apple, the other is trying not to step on LEGO!

Clue #8

A Floyd Family Member is headed on holidays – be quick his flight is on it’s way! Last seen at departures, enjoying a cuppa at a cafe.

Clue #9

If you’re out shopping near the airport, look around for spring displays near something BIG – and don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers!

Clue #10

These three gnomes love to shop and get bargains! One is checking sporting gear off their list. Another is in the premium mall looking to buy some leather bags. The last one can be found between two stores: a 1989 movie starring Patrick Swayze and three famous stripes.

Clue #11

This gnome is people watching in Jamison Plaza while catching up on the latest news.

Clue #12

After getting his fill of fountains, legislation and local thespians, one of Floyd’s family members wondered into CBD library! He strolled underneath a floating boat and up some stairs for a view out onto the square.

Clue #13

If you’re searching for this gnome, Dickson Library is his home. Look for the big boxes of green, and between them he will be seen.

Clue #14

Fiction is fun but facts are better, at the Erindale Library this gnome is ordered by number not by letter!

Clue #15

At the Gungahlin Library, this garden gnome lives in harmony up to his waist in a bed of flowers.

Clue #16

At the Kingston Library, this gnome is the shyest member of the Floyd family gnomes. They like to know and see whats going on in branch but not be seen.

Clue #17

Kids love to Tugg books out of the shelf and read them with this gnome while looking out over the lake.

Clue #18

At the Woden Library, find this gnome snuggled up near their friends Teddy and Piggy!

Clue #19

At the Paris-end of Fyshwick lies Canberra’s heritage and history. This gnome is researching Floriade, his location a mystery. An archive, a library, a reading room too. Can you guess this gnome’s location just from this clue?

Clue #20

Head past the Owl to this town centre location to find Floyd’s family member read-y and waiting. No book-ings required!

Clue #21

Floyd’s family have 2615 reasons to visit this Fair Kippax book place. Stop by for a chat, a book, or a quiet reading space.

Clue #22

One gnome is out by the lake and near the blooming fields, learning more about what to do and see in Canberra.

Clue #23

Two gnomes have been spotted enjoying Australia’s Biggest Celebration of Spring! One is getting some important information on the region of Canberra and Floriade, and another is picking out some Floriade merch to take home.

1st Prize

2 night stay at The Hyatt Hotel Canberra for two people with breakfast each day. Limousine ride to Floriade 2022 and lunch at The Marion

2nd Prize

2 night stay at the Novotel Canberra.

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3rd, 4th and 5th Prize
A Taste of Canberra hampers including local wines, brews and gin

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6th, 7th and 8th Prize
2 NightFest