Bee Friendly Gardens

22 September - 13 October

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Bees need our help and there’s so much we can do in our own backyards! Join ACT for Bees to learn about the many different types of bees that live in Australia, and the types of flowers and gardens that they prefer.

While European bees are kept for their delicious honey, Canberra also boasts plenty of native bees that do important work as pollinators. Learn about both native bees and honey bees and how to create welcoming habitat for them in your backyard. In this interactive workshop you’ll be supported to make a plan for integrating bee friendly plants and features into your own garden or balcony.

Experience an informative and interactive Bee workshop at Floriade.

This is a free workshop, but registrations are required!

Event Info

When: Thursday 22 Sept, 12.30pm and Thursday 13 October 12:30pm.
Where: Floriade, Commonwealth Park.
Tickets: Free! Register at Ticketek

Commonwealth Park