Floriade Reimagined FAQs

Floriade in its traditional format at Commonwealth Park is not proceeding this year, however, Floriade: Reimagined is taking its place for 2020. The festival’s one million blooms being planted and around multiple locations across Canberra’s city and suburbs. Floriade: Reimagined will ensure the hope, vibrancy and joy of Floriade continues this year.

Floriade: Reimagined will see Floriade and NightFest adapted to a new format for 2020. The one million bulbs and annuals that would have been in Commonwealth Park are now being planted around Canberra. Planting sites include some of Canberra’s major tourist attractions and popular public places in the suburbs. Close to 700,000 bulbs and annuals have been planted by Floriade’s gardening team, including 11 feature garden beds and approximately 300,000 bulbs and annuals, have been provided to the local community. These community groups including schools, nursing homes, sporting organisations and community gardens and members of these groups have been busy planting garden beds as a part of our Floriade Community program. Other much loved aspects of the festival will be adapted to online formats such as podcasts and videos. Stay tuned for exciting announcements about the festival as it continues to adapt to the changing landscape.

Floriade: Reimagined will run from 12 September to 11 October 2020.

There are multiple ways you can engage with Floriade: Reimagined this year. While the traditional event held annually in Commonwealth Park is not proceeding in 2020; the hope, vibrancy and joy of Floriade will continue with a reimagined festival. Floriade: Reimagined will see hundred of thousands of bulbs and annuals blooming in multiple locations across Canberra’s city and suburbs.

If you are in Canberra, guests can experience Floriade: Reimagined through the flowers planted around the city and our online and offline events program. If you are not in Canberra, you can still experience Floriade: Reimagined through your screen with our virtual events program.

We trust our Floriade community to engage in a manner that adheres to their relevant state government’s public health restrictions.

Spring is a wonderful time to visit Canberra and we recommend you visit visitcanberra.com.au or follow @VisitCanberra on social media to plan your perfect trip.

Floriade: Reimagined is free for all visitors. We do run some ticketed events, such as NightFest and exclusive workshops. You will be able to purchase these tickets via Ticketek once they are on sale.

As part of Floriade: Reimagined the one million bulbs and annuals that would have been planted at Commonwealth Park will now be distributed around Canberra to ensure the city comes alive with beauty and colour in spring. A detailed map of locations is available.

Locations for the planting of bulbs around Canberra were chosen based on a range of criteria including access to water, accessibility, visual impact and distribution across the city. A detailed map of locations is available.

An application process was held for community organisations. Please see our Floriade Community page for more information.

NightFest will be a one night only experience on Friday 2 October 2020. Stay tuned to our Facebook and website for more details.

Floriade will be held from 11 September to 10 October 2021. Details of the 2021 event will continue to be dependent on public health restrictions.