Companion Planting In Your Garden

Ever wonder what on earth companion planting actually is, what its benefits are, and how or where to start? Then this informative tutorial is for you! Join local horticulturist and Canberra Weekly gardening writer Tracey Bool as she shares her passion and knowledge about companion planting in your garden.

With an increased awareness of the benefits of gardening organically, particularly to our health and preservation of the environment, companion planting is unsurprisingly a popular gardening method in many backyards. In this tutorial, Tracey will discuss some of the principles and rules of companion planting, potential challenges and limitations, handy tips, examples of companion planting, and valuable companion plants.

Tracey Bool

Tracey grew up on a small farm near Goulburn NSW and has always had a strong connection with the landscape. She has worked in both retail and wholesale horticulture. Tracey has continued to expand her knowledge of everything plant related, developing an excellent understanding of organic gardening and permaculture living. She has also cultivated a great love for wildlife and Australian native plants.

With many years of experience in horticulture and a passion for sustainable food production and gardening, Tracey has established a reputation as one of Canberra’s leading horticulturalists. She is a garden writer for Canberra Weekly Magazine and regularly delivers talks to community and gardening groups.