Floriade On-Demand

Floriade On-Demand was introduced in 2020 as part of Floriade: Reimagined where the festival’s program featured several virtual experiences to keep gardens green and minds inspired.

Explore the Floriade On-Demand library and benefit from a vast range of gardening tips and tricks, horticultural knowledge and kids activities.

In 2021 we presented Floriade: The Future of Flowers, season two of the Floriade podcast series.


Season 2 – Floriade: The Future of Flowers

Join us for the second season of the Floriade podcast. Hosted by renowned Canberra voice Dan Bourchier, the 2021 season explored “The Future of Flowers”. With special guests including Matthew Evans and Jade Miles, this seven-part series covered a range of topics including traditional indigenous foods, soil health, backyard bees and ‘Futuresteading’.

Episode 1
Traditional Plants & Bushfoods

Join Dan Bourchier and Adam Shipp as they discuss connection to country, traditional plants, bush foods and medicine.

Adam has passion and love for traditional plant use them as a means to connect to land and country.

Episode 2
The Incredible Story of Soil

Join Dan Bourchier and Matthew Evans as they discuss the importance of soil and how it keeps us and the earth healthy.

Learn how soil helps to nourish and fuel our bodies and what role it plays in our planet’s long term health.

Episode 3
Backyard Bees

Join Dan Bourchier and Doug Purdie to learn everything you need to know about keeping bees on your rooftop, balcony or in your backyard.

Once introduced to the charms of beekeeping and the taste of warm honeycomb direct from the hive, you’ll be hooked!

Episode 4
Low Tox Life Food

Join Dan Bourchier and Alexx Stuart as they discuss how to shop, cook, swap, save and eat for a happier planet.

Episode 5
When We Become Strangers

Join Dan Bourchier and Maggie Hamilton as they discuss the rise of loneliness in our community and what we can do to combat this and reconnect.

Episode 6
Living Mindfully

Join Dan Bouchier and Megan Layton and learn how to cultivate inner resources to help you live well and more mindfully.

Episode 7

Join Dan Bouchier and Jade Miles as they discuss the concept of “Futuresteading” and why we should all live like tomorrow matters.

Season 1 – Floriade: Reimagined

Recorded in 2020 and hosted by renowned local voices Ashley Feraude, ABC Radio Canberra Breakfast host Lish Fejer, and ABC Radio Canberra Saturday Breakfast host Adrienne Francis, this six-part podcast series explores the multidimensional beauty of flowers and discusses the nature of plants, health, and sustainability.

Episode 1
Inspired by Nature

Ever wondered why humans are so obsessed with flowers? Or how this obsession has influenced so much of the creative world?

Listen to this fun and casual conversation that will give you an insight into some great designers and great artists who love the aesthetic and deeper meaning of flowers.

Episode 2
Edible Flowers

From ‘Flower Pot’ to ‘Plate’ – learn how to sprinkle a bit of Spring into your cooking.

For the foodies looking to turn their hand at gardening, this podcast will inspire you with blooming edible ideas on planning and growing your own edible flower garden.  For green thumbs with a meal in mind, you’ll want to go out and grow a blossoming bed, just for eating.  

Episode 3
Native Gardens

Wanting to plant more natives, save water and encourage fauna into your backyard?

Learn tips and tricks for cultivating native gardens, habitats and water-saving practices. This session will inspire you to design, plant and maintain your backyard as a native fauna-friendly habitat for all to enjoy.

Episode 4
Use It All: A Guide to a Sustainable Kitchen

If you are trying to juggle real life and make better choices in your kitchens, then this podcast is for you.

Learn how to feed your family efficiently, affordably and sustainably. Use It All offers a simple, delicious way to cook and eat by buying less, wasting less and making more with what you’ve got.

Episode 5
Indoor Plants & How Not to Kill Them

Tune in and hear about all things indoor plants. From indoor to edible – enjoy these tips and tricks on what not to do and how to make the best of the space available to you.

Learn about the best plants to grow in pots and how to care for them, no matter what your skill level.

Episdode 6
Grow Your Food with Phil Dudman

Looking to boost your gardening skills and increase backyard production? Join Phil Dudman and benefit from his 25 years of experience.

This session will explore top tips for soil fertility, saving time and increasing food production to help you grow more of your own food.


Worm Farming

Join Ryan and Zoe from the Canberra Environment Centre and learn about composting and setting up your own worm farm.

Companion Planting

Join local horticulturist and Canberra Weekly gardening writer Tracey Bool as she shares her knowledge about companion planting in your garden.

Nature Journaling

Join artist and founding Director of NatureArt Lab Julia Landford to create a visual art diary of Floriade for your family and friends!

Wicking Beds

Join Cally Brennan from Canberra Permaculture Design – to learn how easy it is to make your own wicking garden bed or plant pot.

Everlasting Wildflowers

Join Narelle Phillips, Floristry teacher at the Canberra Institute of Technology to create a unique and long-lasting arrangement for the home.

Let’s Talk Series with Dan Bourchier

Join local personalities as they chat to ABC presenter Dan Bourchier on a range of inspiring and educational topics.

Incredible Plant-Based Desserts

Dan Bourchier is joined by Anthea Cheng who runs a popular Instagram account and blog, Rainbow Nourishments, and is the best-selling author of Incredible Plant-Based Desserts.

Ethical Omnivore

Dan Bourchier is joined by Laura Dalrymple and Grant Hilliard to discuss their book Ethical Omnivore: a handbook and cookbook for anyone who truly cares about the meat they eat.

Bush Food, Medicine & Foraging in Your Area

Join Dan Bourchier, local Wiradjuri man Adam Shipp, and Canberra Horticulturalist Tracey Bool as they connect you to local food and medicine plants from the region.

Book Club

Join Dan Bourchier as he speaks with Lauren Dubois, Lish Fejer, Sophia Hamblin Wang, and Dr Kate Ringvall about their favourite books with a subtle Floriade twist!

The Edible Garden

Dan Bourchier is joined by Paul West the former host of A River Cottage Australia and author of The Edible Garden Cookbook & Growing Guide.

Floriade Sprouts with The Beanies

Join The Beanies as they take a journey into Floriade.

Exploring the world through the eyes of your little Floriade fan, these videos will teach a love of gardening, crafts, and provide engaging activities that you can do together at home. This 4-part series will explore Bees, Art, Gnomes, and Flowers and Plants.

Episode 1 – Bees

In Episode 1, the Beanies learn all about Bees and meet the Hall Honeys who make special Bee Hotels to help pollinators have a safe place to lay their eggs.

Episode 2 – Art

In Episode 2, the Beanies learn all about Art and meet local Canberra Artist Paul Summerfield. You will be able to join the Beanies and paint some artwork of your very own!

Episode 3 – Gnomes

In Episode 3, the Beanies learn all about Gnomes and go on a Gnome Hunt! You can download and learn how to make Floriade’s 3D Gnome at Home artwork and more!

Episode 4 – Gardening

In Episode 4, The Beanies learn all about planting flowers and meet Floriade’s previous Head Gardner, Andrew. You will learn how to look after and pot up your own flowers at home!

Pets Day In

Pets Day In is an opportunity to learn about and celebrate your pet at home. Learn tips and tricks to living with your pet, whatever the species.

We love seeing your furry friends enjoying their day at Floriade: Reimagined. Share your pics for a chance to be shared on Floriade Australia channels.

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Pet Health & Well-Being

Pets provide us with many positive benefits that impact our health and well-being such as affection, motivation and companionship. Knowing how to take care of our pets’ in return is the responsibility of owners of all pets.

Pets in the Garden

With many pets spending their days outside it is important to know what is safe for them in the garden. From man-made hazards to natural nasties, there are many things to be aware of in your garden to ensure that your pet is protected when you are not around.

Pet Behaviour & Training

Beyond the nutritional and safety considerations of your pet, training and behaviour are key tools for ensuring pets and humans alike are happy and comfortable in their shared environments.

At Home Resources

Colouring-In Sheets

Showcasing a selection of incredible local artists, and a full spread of artistic styles and designs, explore our suite of colouring-in sheets.

These designs are the perfect activity for your Floriade Sprout to print out, colour and display.

Gnome at Home

Gnomes are always popular at Floriade.

Whilst we aren’t able to have the traditional gnome painting contest this year, you can Gnome at Home by downloading, printing and creating your own 3D paper gnome.

Fitness at Home

These Floriade fitness workouts are suitable for everyone and include variations to suit your skill level.

Full Body Workout

Enjoy this full-body workout session that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

This fitness workout is suitable for all levels and includes variations to suit where your body.

Express Body Burner

Not just gentle stretching, this session is set at a deliberate pace to strengthen, challenge and get the heart rate up a little. 

Designed for people who are already familiar with Pilates or at minimum have a moderate fitness and strength base. 

Mobility Session

Mobility work is great for all bodies and helps improve joint flexibility and function.

In this gentle session, you’ll progress through a range of full-body mobility work.