Venetia Major – Bespoke Jewellery

Venetia Major – Bespoke Jewellery will be having a 20% discount on their range of botanical jewellery for Floriade!

This range is made by creating moulds of fallen plant specimens and casting them in silver and gold. These casts are then made into earrings, rings and necklaces.

Customers can collect plant specimens from their own special place and Venetia will make them into a keepsake that can be worn close to their heart for years to come. Visitors to Floriade can collect fallen seed pods and nuts to create a special memory of your visit! 

Please note, only firm material with a minimum thickness of 1.2mm can be used and flowers must not be taken from Floriade displays for this purpose.

Check out their range of botanical jewellery here.

Where: Venetia Major – Bespoke Jewellery, 3/8 Victoria St, Hall ACT 2618
When: Until 15 October

Venetia Major – Bespoke Jewellery