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Floriade’s Gardening Guides provide information and insights, ready to help you create your perfect garden.

The Gardening Guides feature local walks and tours to explore your own backyard, tips and tricks of keeping your garden thriving, creating new gardens that are fun with kids, and sustainable gardening practices that you can do at home.

Meet the Contributors

ACT For Bees are champions for a bee-friendly world.

Love Food? Love Bees

Small and vital bees work together for the good of the whole ecosystem.

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The Canberra Environment Centre are a non-government, not for profit environmental education centre that empowers people to create a sustainable future for the Canberra community by supporting lifelong behavioural change.

Tracey grew up on a small farm near Goulburn NSW, and has always had a strong connection with the landscape. She has worked in both retail and wholesale horticulture. Tracey has continued to expand her knowledge of everything plant related, developing an excellent understanding of organic gardening and permaculture living. She has also cultivated a great love for wildlife and Australian native plants.

With many years’ experience in horticulture and a passion for sustainable food production and gardening, Tracey has established a reputation as one of Canberra’s leading horticulturalists. She is garden writer for Canberra Weekly Magazine and regularly delivers talks to community and gardening groups.

Cally Brennan has been practising permaculture for 10 years. She is currently a Board Director for Permaculture Australia and runs Canberra Permaculture Design and Education, a permaculture-focused garden business in Canberra. She and her partner are converting their suburban garden in Cook into a permaculture food garden, and are pleased to report they have already harvested over 300kg of home-grown produce in 2019 alone!

Graham is a born and bred Canberran, who was brought up in Yarralumla (but back when it was a working class suburb!). It was a small house on a big block; his dad chose to have the whole back yard under cultivation, growing enough veggies for the whole community.

That’s where Graham’s green-thumb grew. He always had a connection with the outdoors. According to his poor mother, when he was a baby he would cry at the back door till she let him out – even when it was minus six degrees and frosty – and he would crawl around happily on the ice-hard ground.

Throughout his schooling, Graham’s interests lay firmly in studies concerning biology and the environment – all other ‘lesser’ subjects were virtually ignored in their favour.

After leaving school Graham worked on farms picking fruit and travelling, returning to Canberra in winter only to pursue his other love, skiing. Getting back to nature, Graham took up in a tee pee up in the Snowy Mountains while working at a ski resort. That’s dedication, all right!

When he finally settled down, Graham first graced the greenhouses of Yarralumla Nursery were he stayed for several years, working in plant production and floriculture while also studying horticulture at Weston. In 1989 he moved on to Lanyon Homestead were he worked while studying Arborculture (also at Weston).

Graham’s love of and interest in gardening will always be his primary passion, and he loves learning something new every day through other gardeners and mother nature herself.

Since his debut on 666, Graham has taken to radio like a duck to water and relishes chatting with listeners about their gardening joys and woes. Shortly he’ll embark of a series of online vodcasts (video web casts) to help listeners hone their own green thumbs.

A decade ago he set up his own business, Willowsworks, which provides services including garden consultation, tree surgery and all garden works, specialising in all forms of pruning.

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