Floriade Sprouts with The Beanies: Episode 2

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Join The Beanies as they take a journey into Floriade: Reimagined.

In Episode 2, the Beanies learn all about Art and meet local Canberra Artist Paul Summerfield who is one of the artists behind some of Floriade’s colouring in sheets. You will be able to join the Beanies and paint some art work of your very own!

This 4-part series will explore Bees, Art, Gnomes and Planting.

Exploring the world through the eyes of your little Floriade fan, these on demand videos will teach a love of gardening, crafts, and provide engaging activities that you can do together at home!

A special thanks to Floriade: Reimagined’s talented Artists Paul Summerfield, Jungle Finch, Oh Little Spark Art, Yarrudhamarra Creations, Happy Decay and Graffik Paint for their talents on creating the Floriade colouring in sheets, available now for download!

The Beanies are a musical adventure for little ones with big imaginations – encouraging creative thinking by understanding the value of play.

With over 40 original songs The Beanies were recently nominated for an Aria for ‘Best Children’s album’ this year.

Laura, Mim and Michael are guaranteed to get mini-beanies singing and dancing at live shows, but they are best known for their award-winning podcast series hosted on Kinderling Kids Radio, which won
‘Australian podcast of the Year – Kids and Family’ in 2018 and has over 500k little ears listening.

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