Colour In with Floriade: Reimagined

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A suite of Floriade: Reimagined Colouring In Sheets are waiting to be printed, coloured, and displayed!

Showcasing a selection of incredible local artists, and a full spread of artistic styles and designs, these are the perfect activity for your Floriade Sprout to colour in and enjoy.

Yarrudhamarra Creations

Click on the image to download the colouring in sheet!

Kristie Peters is a proud Wiradjuri woman from central west NSW, who currently lives in Canberra with her eight beautiful boys.

Kristie has always had a passion for art and sharing her culture for as long as she can remember. Her artworks are based on the love for her family and life experiences. She is the founder of Yarrudhamarra Creations. Yarrudhamarra is a Wiradjuri word meaning “Dream” which underpins her mission to make dreams into reality, coming together and creating positive futures.

Yarrudhamarra Creations is an Aboriginal owned and family operated business located in Canberra who provide opportunities for people to learn and experience the rich beauty of Australian Aboriginal Art and Culture and gain a deeper appreciation for the cultural practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Graffik Paint

Click on the image to download the colouring in sheet!

I have been privileged to paint the Floriade wall, at the back of Stage 88, for the last two Floriade festivals. As we move forward into the new Floriade reimagined, it is an absolute pleasure to once again be involved with Floriade art, this time with the colouring sheets.

I hope that taking time to create art in collaboration with me, on these designs, brings you joy, as it has done for me.

My art is generally large-scale public murals, so this has been a shift from my usual form. I always enjoy how members of our community interact with and are influenced by my creations, often in ways that I did not expect.
I’m so excited to see where you take these designs.

JungleFinch Illustrations

Click on the image to download the colouring in sheet!

Dora runs Junglefinch Illustration, and loves Canberra and flowers – so she adores all things Floriade! She has spent her lockdown working from home for a public service department, sewing, and doing plenty of colouring-in. Her favourite colouring tools are felt-tip markers, pastel highlighters and coloured pencils.

Happy Decay

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Bjarni Wark or better know as HAPPY DECAY is an Australian street artist and illustrator.

After graduation from the School of Art in Canberra Bjarni has been working within the creative industry. Working in fields from fine arts, graphic design, illustration and to present day as a street artist.

His artwork is boldly unique and colourful with positive vibes and a splash of quirkiness and can spotted around Canberra.

“As a street artist if I can create a community space through art that makes the place more enjoyable and positive for people then my imagination and creativity has served me well.”

Oh Little Spark Art

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Canberra born and bred, self-taught, native everything loving artist, Sophie enjoys nothing more than being immersed in the beauty of nature. Not one for dainty or petite, she favours ink, watercolour and the boldness of loud lino prints which complement the unusual creatures I come across while out adventuring in and around the bush capital.

Paul Summerfield

Click on the image to download the colouring in sheet!

Artist and Designer Paul Summerfield’s artworks are whimsical and adventurous.

Paul works from his art studio at Gorman Arts Centre and his artwork can be found all over Canberra, including Garran Primary School, Canberra Hospitals Adolescents Ward, private art collections, and is currently working on a wallpaper mural for Belconnen Library.

The Beanies

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The Beanies are a musical adventure for little ones with big imaginations – encouraging creative thinking by understanding the value of play. With over 40 original songs The Beanies were recently nominated for an Aria for ‘Best Children’s album’ this year. Laura, Mim and Michael are guaranteed to get mini-beanies singing and dancing at live shows, but they are best known for their award-winning podcast series hosted on Kinderling Kids Radio, which won ‘Australian podcast of the Year – Kids and Family’ in 2018 and has over 500k little ears listening.

Canberra Environment Centre

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The Canberra Environment Centre are a non-government, not for profit environmental education centre that empowers people to create a sustainable future for the Canberra community by supporting lifelong behavioural change.

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