Wanting to add some greenery to your home but not quite sure how to best approach it? On the spectrum somewhere between the high maintenance of fresh flowers and long term commitment that is house plants lies terrariums.

Here’s some tips courtesy of Moxom and Whitney for how you can care for your own terrarium

  1. Watch your sunlight: For lush green ferns they want 5-6 hours of indirect sunlight per day. If you’ve got some baby succulents and cacti, they like lapping up vitamin D so give them full exposure to sunlight.
  2. Don’t overwater: Terrariums thrive on a small amount of neglect, so only water your terrarium when the soil is bone dry and only water for the size of your plants, not the size of the container.
  3. Keep your spray to yourself: Do not spray or mist your terrariums – this encourages fungus gnats (ew!) and has little beneficial effect for your plants.
  4. Give ‘em a squeeze: Remove dead leaves by pinching or cutting leaves from the plant, this will encourage new growth
  5. Stand back: Over loving by over-watering or over-playing will make your terrarium sad. Give them some space to do their own thing, and we promise they’ll show you love in return.

Come along to Moxom and Whitney’s terrarium workshop to make your own terrarium to love and care for and learn from the masters themselves!