Floriade (15 September – 14 October) returns to Commonwealth Park this year as Australia’s biggest celebration of spring. And while we’re sure you’ll enjoy your time spent and memories made, we also understand your pursuit of wanting a memento of your time spent tiptoeing through the tulips (and pansies, violas, irises, geraniums, chrysanthemums… you get the idea).

Here are our picks of the most Instagrammable moments you can snap and share at Floriade this year:

  1. The Flowerbeds
    Make no mistake, this riot of colour and life will have you snapping away. See pop culture icons of the past decades come to life in floral form. Make sure you revisit throughout the Floriade season (15 September – 14 October) to see the blooms develop and grow throughout the month.
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  2. Ferris Wheel
    This icon of Floriade is as synonymous to the event as the flowers themselves. Whether you’re capturing it in the background of your flower pics, or taking in aerial views high above, a Floriade Ferris Wheel snap never fails to deliver the likes.
  3. Gnome Knoll
    A mainstay of Floriade programming, the gnome knoll has been delighting families at Floriade for over a decade. The Rotary Club of Canberra East will hook you up with a terracotta gnome to craft into your own masterpiece – what could be more fitting for a #Floriade selfie than seeing your artwork in situ at Commonwealth Park?
  4. Nautilus Forest
    NightFest never fails to deliver on Instagrammable moments, and 2018 will be no different. This year will see Nautilus Forest grow in the nation’s capital, a captivating homage to nature as each branch ripples and pulses with vibrant colour. This one is begging to be boomeranged, superzoomed and slow mo-ed for all five nights of NightFest (26-30 September).
  5. Food, food and more food
    After roaming the garden beds, you’ll surely have worked up an appetite. But before you chow down on your delicacy of choice, stop to snap your treats in front of the floral fancies. From honey doughnuts to gelato scoops, you’ll be sure to inspire serious food envy when you share your snaps.
  6. Yoga
    Health and wellness more your thing? Show off your Floriade flow with a perfectly poised yoga photo. Start your weekend off on the right note with a yoga class amongst more than a million blooms – and continue those good vibes by sharing your relaxing pose while you reconnect with nature.
    Check out Floriade yoga times here
  7. Workshop til you drop
    Humble brag to your hearts content by showing off your newly acquired skills after attending a Floriade workshop. Be it playing a tune on the harmonica, growing your own terrarium or whipping up a kokedama, you’ll be sure to impress more than a few of your followers with your proof. Pics or it didn’t happen, right?
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  8. Dogs’ Day Out
    Send out the final day of Floriade with your favourite four-legged friend (or just petting everyone else’s!). Dogs’ Day Out has become a stand out Floriade event for those wanting to capture content for their Instagram (or their dogs Instagram). Just ensure that their paws are typing #Floriade when you upload so we can see for ourselves.

For more program details (and Instagram opportunities), check out our program.